Saturday, 8 February 2014

From 4 hours to 6 1/2 minutes in a few clicks!

As promised, I have put together a new time-lapse video using footage from my most recent portrait. It is a much more relevant video when compared to my first attempt; you play those two side-by-side and tell me you can't see a HUGE progression! It's still cringey to watch the first one but good for me to see how much I've improved since doing that portrait.
I had fun and games with this video, mainly issues with my backing music. From my collection of music, I found a great song from one of my favourite artists that worked really well with the whole time-lapse ("Music is Through" by Jamie Cullum if you are interested!) and even the timing at the end was perfect. Unfortunately, it wasn't until I played the whole thing through from start to finish that I realised Mr Cullum swears twice during the song. I ummed and aahed for a while, wondering if I could get away with it, but in the end I decided I couldn't. Uploading it onto Facebook and YouTube would have meant I'd have to include an "explicit content" warning (as crazy as it sounds for two words!) and I didn't like the thought of putting you all off with that! Plus, I'm hoping to have the video on my website when I update it soon so for the sake of professionalism, I went with something different.

So John Coltrane takes the lead on this one, another fabulous musician who I love listening to. Let me know what you think of the new video!

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  1. I love seeing these time lapses, can't wait to see more :) Watching another artists process fascinates me, and I love seeing how you approach your pieces as it's a different approach to my own. It's like another layer to your style (if that makes sense) and I just love being able to see that :)