Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Wildlife Trust's "30 Days Wild" Challenge

I am incredibly passionate about getting people of all ages back in touch with nature. I think it's such an undervalued and overlooked part of our modern, techy lives and we could all do with having a few more "wild" days to relax, unwind and reconnect with ourselves. The Wildlife Trust has introduced a brand new campaign this year called "30 Days Wild" which is encouraging people young and old to carry out a random act of wildness every day in June.

This act of wildness could be as simple as you reading a book in your local park during a fifteen minute tea break or lying on the grass to watch the clouds. If it involves something from the natural world, you're on the right track. The important thing to remember is not to put pressure on yourself. The whole idea of this campaign is to get as many people as possible outside, reduce "screen time", and hopefully see you discovering something new. Nature can have many positive benefits on the mind and body; it's up to you to find out what they are.

Personally, I never forgo the opportunity to spend some time with nature. I plan to record my experiences by blogging each of my wild days and I've made a list of a few ideas already that include some things I've never done such as a garden bioblitz as well as visits to favourite spots in my local patch.

Here are a few of the things I have planned:

Beach Clean Up

I'm holding my second Beachwatch Survey in Worthing for the MCS on the 13th with a group of volunteers. If you live near a coastal area, you could carry out your own beach clean, whether you have two minutes or 60! You can register for my event here.

Go for a walk at dusk

One of my favourite times of day is when the light just starts dropping and the woods come alive. There's plenty to be seen and heard but make sure you take a torch and watch your step!

Get up to see the sunrise

I see plenty of sunsets but am rarely up early enough to catch it rising! Try watching one of each and comparing the differences in light and colour.

Garden Bioblitz

How many species can you count in your garden in one hour? Don't forget the creepy crawlies!

I encourage you to challenge yourself this June, get outside and back in touch with nature. Be creative with your own ideas and try and get your friends and family to join in too! Visit the Wildlife Trust website for more details where you can download a book full of wild ideas. Good luck!

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