Monday, 22 June 2015

30 Days Wild Day 21: Father's Day Nature Walk

I visited my Dad in Burgess Hill for Father's Day. We went to see a certain dino-related film at the cinema (very good, would definitely recommend if the nail marks in my palms are anything to go by!) and afterwards we had a table booked at the local Beefeater which was only two miles away. We decided to walk there rather than drive since it was a warm evening and there was a lovely footpath to follow.

There wasn't a huge amount of wildlife to be seen on the way there, apart from the odd woodpigeon but on the journey home, when the sun had started to dip lower, there were several rabbits out and about, being kept company by six (for gold) magpies. We stopped to look at the view across to the South Downs and I pointed out the song of the song thrush and chiffchaff which my Dad and step-Mum hadn't heard before. The thrush actually perched in direct view for us and sang his heart out for some time before flying off. There must have been at least three thrushes that I could hear in the immediate area.

I was pleased to see such a range of grasses growing in the verges running along the trail. I don't know anything about species of grass but there was definitely a variety there, as well as oxeye daisies, dog roses and thistles. It made a nice change to walk somewhere rather than drive. You see so much more when you make the effort to take your time and take in your surroundings.

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