Wednesday, 3 June 2015

30 Days Wild Day 3: The Colours of Nymans

I set myself the theme of colour for today's wild act as myself, my mum and aunt visited the beautiful National Trust property Nymans in Handcross and I knew that the gardens at this time of year would be abundant with different plants and flowers. Not only did I come across a huge array of colours but also a variety of different bees, who's legs were all heavy with balls of pollen.

There was one particular bed of flowers which was white and yellow with a strong aniseed scent and it was absolutely teeming with honeybees! I stood for quite some time watching them at work.

White-tailed bumblebee
Red-tailed bumblebee
The "aniseed" flower
Tree Bumblebee
 I think this was a type of solitary bee but not sure on exact species.
I believe this was a Green Orb-Weaver spider; correct me if I'm wrong!

As we sat having our lunch outside after touring the gardens, we were joined by a rather tame and cheeky male chaffinch. His colouring was beautiful; such a blue head!

I think in total I must have spotted five different species of bee, maybe more and if my I.D. skills were more up to scratch, I could have been a smidge more accurate! Still, it was brilliant to see so many hard at work when they are in such trouble at the moment.

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