Friday, 5 June 2015

30 Days Wild Day 5: Planting Sunflowers

For the past few years I have been planting sunflowers every Spring. They are one of my favourite flowers, the other being the wild poppy. I love to have sunflowers growing in the garden; their bright yellow colouring attracts a variety of insects, most importantly bees and they are just such a joyful flower, especially when they grow to be taller than me. Not that it's particularly hard to exceed 5ft 3".

Around a fortnight ago I planted the seeds into yoghurt pots filled with earth and they have absolutely shot up in that time, so today's random act of wildness simply had to be staking the seedlings, otherwise they'd be bending all over the place!

As I stood in the garden gently securing the stalks to wooden sticks, I was serenaded by the fantastic song of a nearby chiffchaff. I only very recently learnt this song and it's wonderful to know just through sound that one is close, even if I can't see it. The call of a buzzard also floated across the road from the fields opposite but the canopy of oak trees prevented me from seeing him too. I am planning to make one of my wild days this month all about learning bird songs and calls, as this is one of my weaker areas.

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